Kōnā is a Japanese inspired eatery in Carlsberg Byen. Designed by our friends at Archival Studies, Kōnā brings together our favorite influences and ingredients from our experiences in Japan. We draw inspiration from the relaxed and warm atmosphere of the izakaya, to the intimate counter style seating that brings you closer to our chefs and nourishment.

Please join us for comfort food, tea, natural wines and sake for lunch and dinner.

Opening hours: 
THURSDAY      5PM   - 10PM
FRIDAY          12PM   -   3PM
                       5 PM   - 10PM
SATURDAY     12PM   -   3PM
                        5 PM   - 10PM

Walk ins only, no reservations!

Bag Elefanterne 13-15 København, Denmark.

Our Kōnā is your home

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